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In Cahoots: Live
on the Southern Belle DVD
Live on the Southen Belle
is the first DVD release of InCahoots.  Join Bill, Keith and
Mike as they set sail on the historic Southern Belle, where they have
entertained for nearly 20 years.  The DVD features a mis of
acoustic music spiced with a mix of western swing, country ballads,
bluegrass, gospel and a wollop’in dose of humor.

Live on the Southern Belle DVD Cover




We Sound Better Than We Look

We Sound A Lot
Better Than We Look CD
This CD is the newest
release from In Cahoots.  “We Sound A Lot Better Than We Look”
includes many songs that are sure to become favorites of you and your
family.  Songs include favorites like Rocky Top,
Morning Rain
, and Above and
, amoung several others.



Playing Favorites
As the name of the CD
suggests it features some of the bands favorites
hits including Navajo Rug, Grandpa Was a Carpenter,
and The
Long Black Train
.  When you treat your
ears to this newest
CD it will become extremly clear to you why these songs were chosen as













Cowboy Jubilee
Christmas Special
Christmas has different
meaning for all of us but it held
a special meaning for the cowboys on the open range.  This
offering is the actual Christmas Special produced for the Cowboy
Show and aired during this special holiday season.  Next
holiday season
brighten your bunkhouse with this special show.




Rides Again CDRides
is the most recent release from
In Cahoots and features songs like Tennessee Stud,
Must Be a Cowboy At Heart
, Far
Away and Long Gone
, Tennessee
and many
more.  Enjoy being taken back
to a time before all the roads were paved.











Bill McCallie -
Live at John C. Campbell Folk School
Bill McCallie does shows
all across the Southeast where
he just sits down with his guitar and tells how things used to
This recording is just such an event and features great songs and
from the era of the cowboy.  You’ll enjoy songs like Navajo
, Don’t Fence Me In,
and Just Across the
Rio Grande
.  Mixed in you’ll enjoy a
plethora of stories and




In Cahoots –
Campfire Tunes and Cowboy Poems Cassette
Have you ever wondered what
it would be like to be gathered
around the campfire out on the open range after a full day of driving
Well, in this tape Bill McCallie helps to take you there with songs
like Ghost
Riders in the Sky
, When Payday
Rolls Around
, and Saddles
Creaking in the Breeze
as well as several cowboy
poems that were
written and told around the campfire.











Wanted – In
Cahoots Greatest Hits Volume 1 Cassette
Wanted is the first album
to be released by Bill McCallie
and the In Cahoots Band.  This album features songs like May
The Circle be Unbroken
, Salt
and  Crawdad
Own the album that started it all
for the In Cahoots




In Cahoots BookBy Bill McCallieIn Cahoots is a book of
cowboy poetry, cowboy humor and
cowboy lifestyles set to rhyme.  Discover a piece of what life
like back on the range.  This book is a perfect addition to
any book
collection or personal library.  Find out why Bill McCallie
has become
known as Tennessee’s Cowboy Poet.